Water and Wastewater Services Association of India is the nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. With a large industry members, WWSAI provides solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy and enhance our quality of life.


WWSAI serves as the voice of water and wastewater solution providers. As a member-driven organization, it is made up of many of the most prominent and influential companies in the industry, who are working together to advance the interests of their individual businesses as well as the water industry as a whole.

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WWSAI integrated approach - water for energy and at energy for water - aims to ensure that both water and energy resources are developed sustainably  and that water and energy services are produced and consumed efficiently. Efficient allocation is based on the consideration of all end-user needs and is therefore a cornerstone of water, energy and food security.


We promote fair trade and the elimination of barriers to fair trade for environmental goods and services. We work to eliminate barriers and unnecessary costs associated with acceptance and use of our members' products. WWSAI works to develop science-based environmental regulations that recognize the state of today's water and wastewater system technologies.


  • WWSAI has just released a Transition Paper articulating its position and priorities for the new administration: Building a Strong Manufacturing Base for Economic Growth and Public Health and Environmental Protection.

    WWSAI  —  Priority Issues for the New Administration
  • By 2025, 800 million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and the stress of diminishing water resources will be felt by two-thirds of the world′s population.

    WWSAI  —  A watertight solution for a more secure future
  • Energy costs are a large portion of the operational budget for water and wastewater utilities. Effective energy management strategies can reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies.

    WWSAI  —  Take a Systems Approach to Energy Management